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Content Solutions

Content Solutions

  • Augmented Reality solutions
  • Virtual Reality solutions
  • Mobile Apps with Beacon Technology
  • Interactive Digital Signage Applications
  • 3D-without-glasses
  • Digital Signage with AI metrics
  • Custom Content Development in 3D, Animations, Special Effects
  • Social Media Wall with real-time filters.
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Content Solutions

Interactive Digital Signage Applications

  • Interactive Wayfinder for Tradeshows, Meetings, Events, Facilities and Campus with step-by-step directions
  • Museum iGuide for Enhanced Digital Visitor experience – online, native apps, audio guides, onsite wayfinding, visit planning with back-end Curator Portal for self-service maintenance
  • Interactive Product Catalogs for Retail
  • Virtual Concierge for Hospitality
  • 3D Modeling & Animation, Interactive Design Center
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Content Solutions

Content and
Software as Service

  • Digital Signage Template with your input data
  • Control hundreds of screens from the cloud-based Control Panel
  • Media Player Software includes Digital Signage, Interactive Digital Signage or Kiosks
  • Control your entire Network from any online computer with WYSIWYG preview
  • Traffic, Usage and Analysis Reports
  • Lowest TCO for your Digital Signage Network!
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